Why you should provide filtered drinking water for your children

You probably know the benefits your children drinking water each day. It helps them to remain hydrated which enables their kidneys to function as they should. It also helps your child to live a healthy and active life. The only time when children should not drink water is when they are babies and are not eating solids. At this stage of life all of your child’s nutrition and fluid needs should be met by giving them formula or breast milk.

Once your child reaches an age when drinking water is appropriate, you want to make sure that the water they drink is as safe and tasty as possible. You cannot always achieve this by giving your child tap water to drink. Let’s take a look at why tap water is not always a healthy option and why investing in a water filtration system is a good idea.

The dangers of tap water for your children

One of the problems with tap water is that it’s treated before you and your children drink it. The water company uses chemicals to remove bugs from the water, and then sends it along pipes to your home. This may sound like a good thing; and it is in many ways. The problem is that chlorine and other chemicals which are used can adversely affect the taste quality of the water.

Another issue with tap water is that it can collect contaminants on its journey to your home. These contaminants can cause the water to taste, smell or look bad. There is also the potential for them to cause stomach upsets. As you can see, it makes sense for you to filter your household drinking water so that you and your children remain healthy and safe.

How water filtration works

There are several different water filtration systems you can buy from companies such as arrowalpha.com.au. You may want to choose a counter top system which fits onto your water supply. Under sink systems are also available. These tend to cost more as they require plumbing. The plus side is that they do not take up any useful counter space.

Water filtration can be physical and chemical. Physical filtration makes use of a membrane to remove grime and dirt from the water. Chemical filtration results in the removal of contaminants that you do not want to be there. The end result of both types of filtration is that the water you and your children drink is a lot better for you.

Water is one of the best drinks you can give to a child. It’s a far better option than sugary drinks which can damage teeth and help lead to health problems, such as obesity. As you can see, if you are giving your child water to drink, it’s a good idea to filter it. This helps to get rid of contaminants and leaves you with the fresh and clean water you want.



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