Why go for a frameless glass bi-folding door?

When choosing a bi-folding door, there are many options to go for. With the addition of frameless bi-folding doors, which are very different to standard options, the choice is even more.


Obviously, a huge difference is there look, however, they also open a bit differently and they can be used in different scenarios, making them an attractive option. The team at one of Yorkshire’s leading bi-folding door companies, Clear View, have listed some of the other additional features of the door.

Frameless glass doors are designed with one intention – to give the maximum glass area with very little frame. They can offer more uses in the house as they are larger than conventional bi-folding doors, which have a much thicker frame.

Some conventional bi-folding door systems which are manufactured by AluK, Smart and many others, have very slim sight lines, but a frameless door only utilizes frame where it is needed (a main outer frame with slim frames at the top and bottom)

So what else makes these types of doors a popular choice? They can, like any other aluminium bi-folding door, can open in, out and slide to both sides. However, with conventional doors, the panels are hinged, meaning that they work as one unit.

Frameless glass doors have more multipurpose options. One of these is that you can choose which side and door leaf to open at a time, as each folding panel works independently of each other. You can thus also create air gaps to allow for fresh air to enter the room. This is a huge plus to normal bi-folds which cannot do this because they must all slide together.

Furthermore, frameless doors take up less space when folded back than aluminium bi-folding doors. Whilst every door takes up some space, you could reduce the space by around 20% with frameless options. Also, the door systems can be quite large with heights of up to 3000m however usual doors cannot be made to these extremes whereas frameless glass doors can.

One thing not to forget is that bi-folding doors, frameless or not, add a huge wow factor to your home. They have the ability to transform a space, make it easy to move between two rooms, the inside and the outside and enhance the way you use your living space. There is no luck associated with the fact that they have become one of the most sought after products of the last few years when it comes to home improvements,

So there you have it, frameless bi-folding doors can enhance your home in ways in which a standard bi-folding door cannot. If you are interested in buying new bi-folding doors for your home, you should always speak to a professional company who can talk you through the options. Some companies can also show you what it looks like in-situ through the use of CAD systems.

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