When to Call for an AC Repair? 5 Signs You Need to Watch Out For

Air conditioners are one of the more complicated home technologies. It cannot be repaired or installed by a person with no knowledge or experience on repairs. However, it isn’t tough at all to determine whether you need an AC repair or not. When you notice the signs, you just have to call a professional to do his work.


From the unusual smell and noise to coolant leaks, your AC system may be showing you warning signs of an approaching breakdown. Know how to interpret them. In this article, you’ll be able to identify some of these potential signals you shouldn’t ignore.


It is old.

An average air conditioner should last for about 20 years with proper maintenance. However, constant humidity and high temperature in Austin can reduce its lifetime. When your AC unit is already more than 15 years old and requires repair, you should consider the so-called ‘Rule of 5,000’. Simply multiply the age of the unit with the assessed cost of repair. Once the result is over 5,000, then it is the best time to buy a new AC unit.


You can’t feel any cool air.

An obvious sign that you need to seek professional help is that your AC unit isn’t releasing cool air. You can easily notice this once you’ve set the unit to its lowest possible temperature and yet, it isn’t cooling as it used to be. This can be due to the failure of the compressor to work efficiently. Or perhaps, the Freon level of AC is too low. Contact an expert service provider in your area right away.


It creates strange noises.

When you’ve owned an AC for quite some time, you tend to be more familiar with the sound it makes when you shut it down or start it up. As soon as your system starts to work against its normal behavior and produce grinding, squealing, rattling, or popping sounds, then something is definitely wrong. Don’t overlook these odd noises.


When this happens, there’s must be something loose inside the AC. If you ignore the signs, they may lead to a possible system breakdown. Thus, call a professional repair service to examine your unit.


There’s an unusual smell.

Maybe, an unusual smell is more difficult to notice than the strange noises. However, when it becomes apparent that your air conditioner system is releasing a strange odor, you should at least determine what it is. It could be a metallic burning smell caused by burnt electrical wires. Perhaps, it is a moldy or musty smell, which could be an indication that the drainage is already blocked.


The thermostat isn’t displaying accurate temperature.

Although your unit is working properly, you still need to adjust the temperature continuously especially if it isn’t in sync with the thermostat. Otherwise, it will cause damage to your AC unit.


Final Thoughts

When you experience one of the above-mentioned issues, give one of the best AC Repair services in the Greater Austin area a ring immediately. Make sure that your repair team of choice can guarantee that your unit will run efficiently again. If the AC is beyond help, then don’t hesitate to have it replaced. You don’t want to deal with graver damage, like a house fire, just to save money and make do with your old AC.


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