What You Must Do To Protect Your Home from Intruders

You want to do everything possible to prevent intruders from breaking into your home. An intruder could attempt to break in at any time of the day or night. This is why you need to employ multiple measures in order to secure your house. Here is what you need to do to protect your home from intruders.


Update Your Door and Window Locks

The first step is to update your door and window locks whenever necessary. You need secure deadbolt locks on any door leading outside. You want to have added locks on your windows that secure into the frame itself. Do not keep spare keys stored just outside your house since criminals can find them. You might even want to install window gates or bars if you are concerned about the security of your house.

Surround Your Home with a Fence

Criminals choose houses to invade carefully based on how easy it will be to get in and out. You can dissuade many intruders by surrounding your home with a fence. Get a solid fence that is not easy to scale. Many criminals will realize that it is nearly impossible to get into and out of a home when there is a tall fence in the way. A fence is a physical barrier that can make a real difference.

Get a Monitored Alarm System

Put a monitored alarm system in your home to stop most intruders. The alarm system should come with various sensors to detect motion or sound. It should have cameras as well. Contact a company like Alarm Relay to set up 24 hour monitoring of the system. This means a professional will always be watching your alarm system ready to call the proper authorities if a problem occurs in your home.

Landscape to Remove Hiding Spots

Assess your lawn and yard to find potential hiding spaces that intruders could exploit. Landscape your property to remove those hiding spots. This means keeping bushes and hedges low. It also means keeping dense plants and bushes a few feet from the walls of your house. Make sure that you can see your property from the windows in the house. This type of defensive landscaping will make it much more difficult for intruders to approach and watch your home.

Light Your Property at Night

Intruders do not want to be seen when trying to break into a house. You can drive away many intruders by lighting up your property at night. Install bright outdoor lights around your house. Motion-activated lights can scare away criminals fast. You might also want to install solar landscape lights around the property to make it hard for anyone to get near the house unseen. Many criminals will not even approach a house with outdoor lighting.

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