What Sort of Mattress Should I Buy?

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you don’t want to purchase the first option you see. That’s because not all mattresses are the same. While a mattress used to be nothing more than a basic rectangular bag stuffed with filling, that hasn’t been true for a very long time. With pillow tops, memory foam, and many other options, finding the best mattress that fits your sleep style and your body can be difficult. Here are some of the most common types of mattresses.


Innerspring Mattresses
These mattresses, which feature coil springs, are the most common. Most modern innerspring mattresses feature coils that have been enclosed individually rather than all coils being enclosed together. By doing so, the mattress will last longer and the coils will not rip through the outer material. The top part of the mattress may be covered with a number of different materials such as memory foam or pillow cushioning.
These mattresses are very easy to find and are often the most affordable. However, those that do not have a satisfactory number of springs won’t support your body, leading you to experience poor sleep. These mattresses do, however, often provide firmer support. This can be helpful for those who have frequent back pain or who are overweight.
Memory Foam
These mattresses are more recent in development and have become fairly popular. Rather than containing springs, these mattresses consist of layers of foam. Each layer is a different density, with the middle and lower layers being firmer while the top layers are softer. This foam contours to your body, making it much more comfortable.
Memory foam is particularly helpful for those with arthritis and other consistent pain because there are fewer pressure points. It also absorbs your movements while you sleep, making it a better choice for couples. On the downside, these mattresses may make you warmer at night because your body sinks down into them. All of the benefits a memory foam mattress offers can be found at www.sleepjunkie.org.

Made from rubber, latex mattresses are designed to provide a good amount of support throughout the bed so that no matter how you lay, your body receives the same type of support. Some find latex mattresses to be the best because they provide the firm support of an innerspring mattress plus the comfort of a memory foam one. If you experience severe back pain, the support offered by latex can help you get a good night’s sleep. For those who do not like firm mattresses, however, this may not be a great choice.

A waterbed mattress is made up of a water-tight sack that is filled with water, making it extremely flexible. The mattress is similar to memory foam in that it conforms to your body, but waterbeds tend to do so even more than memory foam does. Waterbeds provide very little stiff support, plus they may be punctured. This plus the fact that the mattress must be filled with water and is typically very heavy make them a less popular option, although there are people who will sleep on nothing else.

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