What Makes Wheelchair Padding so Important?

For people who utilize wheelchairs for mobility, the cushioning of their seat isn’t just something that’s important for comfort. As people using wheelchairs generally don’t have the option of getting up to stretch their legs and get the blood flowing, that seat is where a substantial part of their day will be spent, making the seat in a wheelchair a major factor in the health of individuals as well.


Spending extended periods in the same position can cause pressure and circulation issues that carry ramifications beyond simple discomfort. In poorly or unpadded wheelchairs, the pressure of the seated individual is focused on firm areas. This can impair circulation to the lower extremities, which can be uncomfortable at first and potentially dangerous. Particularly for people with nerve damage or paralysis, unnoticed pressure points may eventually lead to sores and infection, and a loss of mobility during recovery.


This makes having a soft but supportive seat in a wheelchair incredibly important. Support is important for posture and comfort, but softness is what helps permit healthy circulation. Memory foams and gel cushions pad high-pressure areas and improve circulation, which is not only important for health reasons, but is more comfortable as well.


The idea that sitting all day could be uncomfortable or even unhealthy is a very real one, and makes appropriately padded wheelchairs very important. Making the wheelchair soft and comfortable is always necessary as sick people ,injured people or the disabled ones will use them mostly. Hence for the manufacturers this is an important tip to manufacture strong, soft and comfortable wheel chairs. The posture will also be proper if the seating padding and sides will be of good quality and built.


This article was written by The Foam Factory, an online source for padding foam, with conventional, memory foam, and latex cushions available for couches, seats, wheelchairs, and more.


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