What Causes Servers to Die or Crash?

Realizing that a server has crashed is a disheartening moment for anyone, and such an event isn’t the time to consider proper cooling. While having too little RAM or too high of a CPU load can bring down a server, overheating is often the biggest problem for administrators according to MovinCool. Although some server crashes can be fixed by upgrading the computer’s processor, those facing issues related to overheating may need to install a server room air conditioner.

Failing to notice that a server room is too hot can be a costly error that affects the server and other equipment in the immediate area. Because servers are typically left on, a great deal of heat can generate in very short period of time. Although people assume that a building’s air conditioner will keep a server safe, these are generally set to ensure comfortable temperatures for humans, not equipment. However, using a spot cooler may resolve the issue for many administrators. Especially if you see continuous heat buildup in certain sections of the room.

Once a computer room air conditioner, or another type of cooling system is installed, blocking off the ducts and vents that lead to the building’s temperature-based heating or cooling system and ensuring that no outside air can enter the room is also important. By doing so, administrators will reduce the humidity in the room, further protecting the expensive equipment inside. Servers at risk of crashing or dying can be easily maintained at a fraction of the cost of repair or replacement.

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