Three Simple DIY Spring Cleaning Projects to Make Your Home Sparkle

With spring on the way, your thoughts have probably turned to spring cleaning and what kind of projects you can complete on your own that will refresh your living space and make it shine. While spring cleaning might seem like an overwhelming task at first, taking things one step at a time will allow you to move from one project to another with ease. Whether you own a home or it’s time to clean out your apartment to make more space for spring and summer entertaining, there are three simple do-it-yourself projects that you can tackle in the space of one day to kick start your spring cleaning.

 Cleaning Projects

Cleaning off Your Deck

Winter wind, snow, and ice can cause debris to pile up on your deck and become trapped between the boards. This can trap spring rain and cause it to rot the floorboards. In order to get your deck ready for the warm weather, it’s important to clean it off before you take your outdoor furniture out of storage. To begin, sweep the surface of the deck to remove dead leaves, twigs, and other debris. Use a thin broom or a pressure washer to remove debris from in between the deck boards, and then allow the wet areas to dry. Once it’s dry, use a commercial deck cleaner and a stiff scrub brush to remove winter grime and dirt, and then rinse well to ensure you have removed all the cleaning solution. Make sure to let the deck dry before you set out your furniture.

Make Your Kitchen Appliances Shine

If you have put off scrubbing your kitchen sinks, faucets, and the burners on your stove because of the elbow grease involved, there are several easy ways to make them shine with a minimal amount of effort and the ingredients needed may already be in your home. For this do it yourself (DIY) project, all you need is a bottle of ammonia, a few large Ziploc bags, a bit of Borax, and some fresh lemons. First, remove the grimy burners from your stove, set them in the bags, and then fill the bags with ammonia before closing them and letting them soak overnight. In the morning, you’ll be able to simply wipe them clean instead of scrubbing.

Now it’s time to tackle the hard water stains in your kitchen sink and faucets. Cut a fresh lemon in half and rub it on stubborn hard water stains to remove them. Once you have erased the larger stains, mix a bit of Borax with the juice from the rest of the lemon to make a concentrated paste. Spread it on your sink and faucets, let it dry, and then wipe it clean for a brilliant shine.

Revitalize Your Shower

The grout in your shower tiles and the shower curtain are breeding grounds for mildew that is both unsightly and hazardous to your health. Banish it by mixing 10 cups of water with 1 cup of bleach and using a non-abrasive brush to scrub the grout clean. If your shower curtain is more than a few years old, it’s about time to replace it. Fortunately, as a kitchen and bath store customer, shower curtain designs and colors will be plentiful for you at this time of year. These simple DIY spring cleaning projects will give you an incentive to tackle larger projects before the season is over so that your home is sure to shine.


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