Say ‘Goodbye’ to Clashing Cushions

Come autumn and the colder months it’s time to add a cosier touch to our interiors. And that means introducing heavier throws, warmer textured cushions, thicker curtains and switching on table lamps in the afternoon as well as the evening in order to create a warm glow.

Cushions: swop summer cottons for warming winter wool

In the case of cushions, what we’d suggest is swapping those cooler linen and cotton covers for heavier woollen, velvet – and if you’re very lucky – cashmere alternatives. Not only are these heavier fabrics nicer to snuggle in to but they’re also warmer, so always welcome in winter. And the best bit is, if you don’t already have seasonal-ready cushions in the cupboard well, unlike buying a new sofa or other larger furniture item, it won’t break the bank investing in a few new cheery cushions.

Choose cushions from the warmer end of the colour spectrum

As you might expect, winter colours tend to come from the warmer end of the colour spectrum – that’s shades such as burgundy, burnt orange, deep red, racing green etc. And, as well as changing the covers, you can always swap to a chunkier filling too, of course.


Mix and match textures in seating

Cushions which are a similar shade and texture as the sofa or bedding on which they’re placed can end up ‘disappearing’ into the overall look so, if you’re a fan of the neutral colour palette, for instance, then it’s a good idea to introduce contrast via texture. That means a chunky cable knit woollen cushion against a leather headboard or a silk cushion on that wooden chair in the kitchen.

Create a pop of colour with cushions

If there’s a colour you love in your room and which already exists in a rug, vase, or as part of a pattern in the curtains, then you can bring this all together by adding that colour to the room in the form of your cushions. In fact, placed at the correct angle in the room (ie so that it creates an overall ‘balance’) it can bring the colour in the items together and make the room as a whole look more united and ‘considered.’


Scatter cushions throughout the home

Cushions aren’t just for the sofa or a bed. They can also be strewn around the floor as scatter cushions, or used for hard backed dining chairs. In fact, they’re useful for most rooms in the home – except perhaps the bathroom, unless it’s waterproof. Definitely use them for picnics (although perhaps not in winter).


If, understandably, you’re not too sure about mixing and matching the plethora of design styles available in cushions these days, then you could try London interior design store Oka’s virtual cushion arranger. This allows you to experiment with a variety of styles, sizes and shapes of cushions so that you can ‘try before you buy.’ Simply click on a cushion and ‘add’ it to the virtual couch on the company’s website. Pile up those cushions together and see what works for you. Obviously this is more about colour, pattern and size at this stage – rather than texture – but it’s a fabulous way of making sure your cushions aren’t going to clash.

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