Resin Floor Maintenance

Resin flooring is a durable, versatile and convenient surface for a variety of different buildings and uses. However, taking simple steps to ensure its upkeep can prolong the lifespan and leave it much safer. Without the proper care, resin flooring can become unsafe or fall into disrepair.

Following these simple maintenance tips is an easy way to ensure that resin flooring is kept in good condition, meaning you get the best out of your surface.

Using the right equipment

Attempting to clean a resin floor with a mop or brush may produce the desired results to the naked eye. It can make the flooring look clean and sparkly, and free of dirt. However, often when the flooring dries, it can become clear that the dirt has not in fact been removed, but simply spread over the floor into a different place. This method of cleaning also fails to remove all of the bacteria that can gather on resin flooring, which can be of particular concern if the surface is in a food handling factory for example.

For a more hygienic result, a piece of machinery such as a scrubber-dryer can provide beneficial cleaning levels. It can deeply scrub the dirt from the floor before then sucking up any residue and excess debris and water.

Cleaning products

Again, some products that seem as though they are doing a good job of cleaning a resin floor can actually do harm. For example, while bleach offers excellent sterile and anti-bacterial properties, it can actually be detrimental to use when cleaning a resin surface. This is because the bleach can tarnish the flooring and damage the seal coat, leaving the surface susceptible to further damage later.

 Instead, alkaline based cleaning products should be used to clean and maintain a resin floor.

General maintenance

Resin flooring is an extremely tough and durable surface, which makes it a brilliant choice for factory floors, school canteens and restaurants. In order to maximise the lifespan of resin flooring, it is important to carry out routine maintenance, such as sweeping up any debris and clearing spillages as soon as possible.

Whether it is in the home or in a commercial flooring environment, resin flooring should be regularly cleaned by following the above methods, and inspections should be carried out on a regular basis. Resin flooring is easily replaceable, so any damaged parts should be replaced to avoid further damage to surrounding parts of the surface.

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