Re-vamping your living space.

It’s finally here. The day you’ve been dreaming about. You’ve saved all your pennies and it’s the day to smash your piggy bank and splash out on a brand new living space! You’ve spent so long saving, you still haven’t finalised the big decisions. Which sofa shall I go for? What’s the best flooring? Feature wall or neutral colour scheme? HELP!

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Laminate flooring does one thing really well – it imitates wood flooring. You get a great wood flooring effect, without the hefty bill. It’s also one of the more hard-wearing floor types, thanks to the amount of layers it’s made up of. It makes the room look and feel clean and tidy, even when everyone’s decided to use it as their dumping ground!

As for maintenance, it’s super easy to clean. Mopping it regularly is the best way to keep it looking as good as new! You may want to cover your back and go for the waterproof option as spills can cause havoc on your brand new floor.

Feature wall or neutral?

This is one of the hardest decisions you can make. Painting or wallpapering can take a long time and putting a feature wall in, especially a dark one, would take time and effort to cover up. Going for a neutral colour scheme will allow you to add pops of colour in your cushions, sofas or curtains which are easier (and cheaper) to change if you change your mind. Light greys, creams and whites work really well for a living room and will complement any other colours you decide to add in.


It’s getting more exciting as the list goes on! Looking for a new sofa, armchairs and tables is one of the most exciting parts of revamping your home. Now you have the colours of the walls sorted, you can begin looking for your sofa. It’s more than likely going to be the focal point of your new room and where you spend the most time in there. Ensure it’s comfortable, goes with your theme and most importantly, it fits. There’s nothing worse than not measuring your space, ordering something and spending the next few hours struggling to get it in. Measure, measure, measure!


Go crazy! Get some candles, cushions, curtains, photo frames, ornaments and whatever else you need to make your house feel like a home. A living room is where you’ll more than likely relax in the evening, so you need to ensure it’s a place you actually want to spend time. Fresh flowers can brighten up any space and make it feel clean and fresh. You can also pick some great artificial bunches that have the same effect and won’t need the same level of TLC.

And there we have it – your guide to the perfect living space!

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