Prevent Allergic Reactions From Dirty Sofa Foam

The couch foam in a sofa can affect your health when it becomes contaminated with allergens such as pet dander or dust mites. If you have allergies, then replacing the foam that is inside your upholstered furniture is a good plan.

To understand how to order foam for furniture, you can order a new section by measuring the old piece after removing it from the zippered cover. When you order new foam from The Foam Factory, it is easy to insert it into the cushion covers to provide a healthy and clean surface for sitting on your living room’s couch.

Avoid Back Pain

Having supportive couch cushions can help you to protect your back when you are sitting. If you sit on a couch that sinks down, then your spine is out of alignment. You might not notice it right away, but within a few hours, you will have a backache. The foam inside upholstered furniture begins to wear down in the same way that a bed’s mattress does. If you spend several hours in the evening sitting on a soft couch, then it can damage your back.

Remove Foul Odors and Allergens

The foam inside a sofa may also develop a foul odor from your family pets, cigarette smoke or spilled beverages, and you may need to order replacement cushions to protect your health. Bad odors from a dirty sofa can make your entire home smell awful, and the odors can make you feel nauseated.

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