Overview of different Types of Electric Motors

Electric motors are important parts keeping in mind the end goal to change over electrical energy into mechanical energy. They basically work with magnetic fields strength with conductors that convey current from one place to other. By means of the working of a generator, the method may be turned around, that is, mechanical energy is changed over to electrical energy.

There are various numbers of electric motors used for modern fans, blowers and pumps that generate force and converts electrical energy into mechanical form that can be used by consumer to drive a process. Following are the different types of electric motors on the basis of type of current they carry and it is simple discussion anyone can read and use without having technical knowledge of electric motors.

Alternate Current Motors

Alternative current motors are well known for industrial purposes as it is mainly utilized by industries for productive operations and by far most important part of any production house as it drives the force and divided into sub orders.  Due to its high power limit, industries prefer it over direct current motors as it is convenient to use alternate current motors that are everlasting where direct current motors need frequent maintenance before used for heavy and long operations.

With AC current we can ensure highest productivity as it runs on source of electricity and runs in cyclic order. Due to long life of alternator and high frequency, it is regarded as expensive installation but rated far better than DC motors.

Direct Current Motors

Direct current motors are electric motors that essentially work on principle of torque in magnetic field that is surely best description we can find that relates its motoring action. On the basis of structural and construction features, direct current motors is exactly similar to DC generators. There are basically two types of direct current motors Brushed DC motors and Brushless DC electric motors. Advantages of dc electric motors include low initial cost but due to high maintenance, it is not preferable type of dc motor for industrial purposes.

A brushless electric motor has expended life span as compared to brushed electric motors and frequency and torque differs in both these designs. There are various applications associated with brushed dc motors and brushed dc motors, one such example of brushed dc motor includes DVD players and electric vehicle.

Applications of DC and AC electric motors

Below you can find important applications connected with dc and ac motors that will make it easy for you to understand significance of these two types of motors in daily life.

DC motors

Drills, boring mills, spinning and weaving machines are the basic applications of dc motors that can be found commonly in any small to large industry or important part of household for many.

AC motors

AC motors are used for auto molding, cleaning and making transfers. It is also used for injection molding and other industries where high resolution feedback system is required.

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