Keywords: 6 Business Statistics for Growth and Expansion

Six Major Growth and Expansion Statistics for Small businesses

From a small grocery shop to the latest grocery market is a long journey. Every person can travel the same journey with great enthusiasm and confidence. He needs to see ups and downs while going through this journey. Anyhow, the internet has given us a chance to gain profit by learning the latest tricks of business. By making it more clear, here latest tricks means to learn about essential 6 small business statistics for growth and expansion.

It is quite innovative to run a small business and also take care of your administration. Latest technologies and hard workers compromise to have a successful business entity. They can accomplish grand things just by encountering small triggers in their business. Six small business statistics: Growth and expansion are listed to bring revolution in small businesses.

  • Strong economy power: Small businesses provide strong economic power to their nation. They generate new links and from this, they earn profits for them and the nation. Linking and creating profits are a major source of empowering own business and economy. More than 99% of the businesses account to small business with less than 500 employees.
  • Leaders own major hats: When we are discussing 6 small business statistics for Growth and Expansion, the vital role comes of the leaders. 66% of the leaders are responsible for 3 or more of the following areas of their businesses: operations, customer service, product development, human resources, sales or finance.
  • Changing the manual process with technology: Averagely, small businesses are being hampered by manual process. Taking away maximum time entering data is a big issue. For success and survive in a competitive era, small business companies are using the latest software technologies to finish up their calculation and records. With the use of technology, small businesses save more than 725 million work hours per year worldwide.
  • Encouraging Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is not only limited to big houses. It is beneficial for small ventures that are running and struggling for success. This helps them to generate as per clients’ need. Currently, only 11% of them are using AI.
  • Appreciating women’s entrepreneurship: Girls are also leading in the field of business. They are real sense entrepreneur. They are running small businesses with full dedication and innovation. People are giving more chances to women as they are leading large businesses and are always ready to work. There is around 114% of growth in the number of women working in the small businesses over the past 2 decades.
  • Immigrant owners of small businesses: Neighbourhood small business is founded by immigrants as they are more conscious and are ready to use new tact’s. 18% of business owners overall consisted of immigrants who are running fully successful small businesses. Main Street businesses like retail, food service, accommodation etc. are given to satisfy a client. Small business is gaining maximum profit due to such techniques and new taste availability in the market.

Apart from these 6 Business statistics for Growth and Expansion, we have few general points in the pocket. Like hiring perfect staff is the basic need of an owner. No one takes the risk to harm their own fame and destroy everything.


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