Industrial and Warehouse Cooling Solutions

If you work in an industrial or warehouse area, you are probably aware that a typical cooling system is not always sufficient for long term storage of perishables and other important foods, says MovinCool. Rooms where machines are running, where people are constantly going in and out or where doors are frequently opened have special cooling needs.

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You also have to balance the needs of your office staff with the needs of the manufacturing floor and storage areas. Office areas can quickly become too cold if you crank up the AC for the whole building. Plus, your power bill will skyrocket. Therefore, the solution for industrial air conditioning often involves portable units.

Portable AC units can cool targeted spaces without overcooling other areas. People who work in warehouse loading areas during the summer months are bound to appreciate the healthier, cooler environments these units provide. The ductwork of a typical air conditioning system might not offer enough output to keep warehouse areas cool in spite of their open doors. A portable unit can supplement this system to adequately cool the area, or even be sufficient on its own. Workers are able to keep up their productivity when they aren’t slowed down by the danger of becoming overheated.

Portable air conditioners are also helpful in areas where machines are running constantly, such as production areas or server rooms. These machines can give off heat, creating environments that are uncomfortable for workers. These rooms are often the hottest areas of your industrial complex. But with the right air conditioner, they don’t have to be. Solving this problem of excessive heat could be as simple as bringing in a portable unit that requires no installation or special attention.



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