Industrial and Warehouse Cooling Solutions

An overheated industrial space can be uncomfortable for its users, and there is the possibility that your stored products or mechanical setups could experience heat damage. To avoid these problems, your industrial and warehouse cooling solutions should include portable AC. Whether you use portable units year round or only break them out during unexpected heat waves, it is essential to have them on hand says MovinCool.

Not all goods require cool temperatures. If you only cool your industrial space when it is being actively used by workers, a portable room air conditioner could be in order. In fact, if your space lacks ducts and installing them is prohibitively expensive, a portable unit is almost certainly the best way to go. An enclosed space can be quickly cooled by a powerful air conditioner. Simply set it up in the work area in advance to allow for initial cooling to take place before workers begin their shifts.

Even if you have ductwork in place as part of your regular air conditioning unit, you may find that it is not sufficient. One area of industrial space that can be easy to overlook is the server room. Because machines can heat up their environments, this room is often the hottest one in your industrial space even when other rooms get more use and more natural sunlight. You may find that you need a separate server room air conditioner in addition to your duct system. Adding a portable unit can be the appropriate solution, and you’ll want to leave it in place year round.



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