How to Spice Up Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is considered the soul of a home. Everyone knows how hard it is to design and make the kitchen look stylish especially if you have a small space. But having a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to stick to a boring kitchen interior design. Organizing and choosing Köögimööbel or kitchen furniture is important.

Freshen up your small kitchen space and achieve a minimalist kitchen with the following decorating ideas:

  1. Create an open plan

Do you need to knock down walls to create a larger space? Can you get rid of furniture that is consuming large spaces? Have an open plan ready, so it’s easier to organize your kitchen.


  1. Declutter

Clear your kitchen cabinets by removing cooking tools, utensils, and old cookbooks that cause visual clutter. You can sell, recycle, or give them away.


  1. Choose a simple design

To achieve a minimalist look for your kitchen, think simple. Brighten up your kitchen walls with light-colored paint.


  1. Good lighting

Dark kitchen area will make your kitchen space look smaller. You can use LED strip lights for your shelves and cabinets. Brighten your work area by replacing old light fixtures and using the latest energy-saving light bulbs.


  1. Kitchen essentials

Stick with essential kitchen tools to achieve a minimalist kitchen. These include a good set of knives, measuring cups, cutting board, and a mixing bowl.


  1. Maximize your wall space

Make use of space on your kitchen walls. You can use hooks to hang all kinds of utensils, either under the cabinet or above the sink. You can also store knives by using wall magnets. Baskets to hold smaller items can also be hung on a wall rack.


  1. Use of hideaway furniture

Purchase furniture items that can be stored away after each use. These include drop-down cutting boards, wall-mounted tables, and roll-out kitchen tables. Folding stools and chairs can also help you save some space.


  1. Minimalist kitchen counter

Small kitchens may not be able to provide you with enough counter space, but you can maximize this space with some simple tricks. For example, if you have an electric cooktop at home, you can place the cutting board on it when it is not in use.


  1. Additional shelves

You can use the corners of your kitchen to add additional shelves where you can put your cookbooks for storage.

Now, that you know how to maximize kitchen space. It’s time to buy furniture. How to choose the right furniture for your kitchen?

Purchase good quality furniture from the right company. Choosing furniture with good quality is important. Always choose a reliable company that has a good record of selling quality furniture.


Check out showrooms. Going to a showroom will give you an idea of the furniture’s weak aspects. It will give you a fair indication of how well it can stand over time.


Pick what fits your kitchen. In choosing your kitchen furniture, keep in the mind the kitchen plan and the measurements. Choose furniture that fits exactly into place.


Final Thoughts

Choosing kitchen sets and furniture to develop the kitchen style you want is a bit challenging especially if there is a minimal space. GRANDBER Sisustus will help you come up ideas on how to style your kitchen according to your preference and taste. They can give pieces of advice and options that will suit your budget.

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