How to sell your home in 2014


According to This is Money the coming year shows every sign of being a good time for the housing market. With the recession starting to lift and house sales already showing signs of picking up, now is the time for sellers to spruce up their homes to tempt buyers. 

With so many houses surging onto the market it’s more important than ever before to make your home stand out from the crowd, so follow these tips to make your house irresistible to prospective buyers.

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Repair and make good

You know all those odd jobs which you’ve been meaning to get around to? That squeaky door hinge, the missing light bulb and the shelf waiting to be put up all contribute to an unfinished look and feel in your home and will be noticed by buyers. Repair any damaged fixtures and fittings as this will create a far better impression and give buyers the sense that your house is well looked after.

Get rid of clutter

It can be tiresome ensuring that your home is clean and tidy for viewings, but this really can make all the difference for visitors. Clutter creates the impression that your home has inadequate storage and is therefore too small, so make sure you spend a few hours sorting and tidying things away. 

Take this opportunity to have a good clear out, donating unwanted items to charity, selling stuff on auction sites or through classified ads and storing things neatly. Not only will this make your home more appealing to buyers but it will simplify the removal process when you move to your next home, too.

Keep it neutral
You may thrive on vibrant colours and clashing prints, but you want your home to create a sleek and streamlined impression for prospective buyers. A lick of paint in neutral tones will make your home appear larger, lighter and more airy, whilst allowing buyers to see the shape and structure of each room more clearly.

Think about furnishings

It might seem counterproductive to purchase new furniture for a home which you are in the process of selling, but sometimes it really can make a difference. If you have been making do with mismatched dining-room furniture or a tired and sagging three piece suite, this is the perfect time to splash out on something a little more appropriate.

Dressing a room to reflect it’s style can help prospective purchasers to imagine themselves living in the space, so consider buying one or two investment pieces to make the most of your home’s period features. Older homes can be transformed with the help of carefully selected items of furniture that will create the perfect ambience and tempt buyers. There can be additional benefits too – for example, traditional leather sofas by Thomas Lloyd will not only look great, but smell wonderful too, and you can continue to reap the benefits in your next home.

The smell of success!

Smells can have a massive impact, so avoid cooking spicy foods, curries and garlic when viewings are scheduled. The smell of baking bread, freshly brewed coffee and scented flowers can all create a homely atmosphere that will have buyers queuing up to make an offer you can’t refuse.


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