How to Pack Your Things to Stay Safe in a Move

It’s your worst nightmare – you unpack a box after your house move and find your favourite lamp broken in two, or your best china smashed into a thousand pieces. It’s always a worry when you move your possessions, whether they will arrive at your destination in one piece. But you can minimise the risk of damage by packing carefully to protect your prized possessions as you move home. Take these tips into account when you are moving in Gloucester and the surrounding area, as well as further afield.


Wrap, Wrap and Wrap

According to a removal company Gloucester expert, you can’t do too much with bubble wrap and newspaper. You need to get your hands on a lot of wrapping materials and use them to surround individual valuables to prevent breakage. Once you wrap your items and then pad them in the box with extra wrapping you cushion against blows and prevent breakages when the items inevitably move during transit.

Use New Boxes and Great Tape

Don’t use old boxes that are liable to break once someone picks them up, says removals in Gloucester firm Pack your valuables and your breakable possessions in strong new boxes and use strong, high quality tape. You can get new boxes from your moving company or a specialist packing supplies store.

Label Clearly

As well as labelling each box to show which room it belongs in, make sure to add a big “fragile” or “handle with care” note. You could also use different coloured tape for fragile boxes. Anything that alerts movers to the fact that they have to take a little extra care with that particular box.

Get Some Help

If you feel yourself flagging, you’re tired or you’re not thinking clearly, don’t try and transport a large glass mirror to the van on your own, or handle a big box of glasses. Ask for help and you will be able to move fragiles more safely.

Don’t Be In a Rush

You may feel that you are under time pressure to move in, and then to unpack once you are there, but take extra care with valuables as it would not be a good idea to ruin your careful packing as you hastily unwrap.

Create a Must-Open Box

You are less likely to cause damage to fragile items when you do not have to rummage through every box looking for a mug. Put the items you will need first such as kettle, tea bags, etc. in one easy-to-access box and you can start with this one first once you are in your new home.

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