How To Make Your Home More Secure

Our homes don’t just exist to provide a habitat for our families, they’re also there to protect our most valuable possessions. Unfortunately, even though crime appears to be reducing in many areas of Birmingham, no property is 100 percent safe from the threat of theft, but there are a number of steps you can take to help make your home more secure.


Making your home more secure usually starts with your locks, especially when you take into consideration how many people may have direct access to your property. Additionally, modern, high-end locks are more difficult to penetrate than older models, so now might be a good time to find a dependable locksmith to enhance your home’s security.

You can view Birmingham locksmiths on Thomson Local to find the most dependable companies in your specific area, complete with customer reviews and ratings. Below, we’ll describe some situations where replacing your locks is a necessity.

Is it Time to Change Your Locks?

The keys to your home can fall into the wrong hands in a number of situations. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, you might want to consider calling a local and dependable locksmith.

  • You’re going through a separation – It’s not easy to predict how ex-partners may react to a separation when emotions are running high. If you want to prevent having your possessions stolen or damaged, you’ll need to change your locks.
  • Your children have lost their keys – Children are more likely to misplace keys than adults, and you never know who might find those lost keys. It’s better to be safe than sorry by having your locks changed immediately if any keys have gone missing.
  • You’ve just moved to a new property – You can’t be sure who the old residents supplied keys to, and you also can’t place your trust in their circle of friends. If you replace your locks, you’ll know only you and your family members now have access to your new property. Even if you’re moving to a brand new home, there could be dozens of people who have access including estate agents, construction workers or other site personnel.
  • Your home has recently been burglarised – Criminals may take advantage of the opportunity to steal your keys during a burglary and return for an easy theft opportunity during times when your property is vacant.

Changing your locks will give you the peace of mind that only the people you have personally given permission to can enter your home. If you’re currently on a budget or think that replacing your locks altogether is a drastic option, you could opt to have your current locks rekeyed which can be just as effective as lock replacements in many situations. Birmingham is home to over one million people which means theft is likely to continue being a threat indefinitely. To reduce your chances of being a victim, you might want to think about having your locks rekeyed, replaced or upgraded.

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