How to Make Your Garden Truly Unique in 5 Easy Steps

Any keen gardener will tell you that one of the main reasons behind their love for all things horticultural is the ability to turn a previously unloved or tired area of land into something beautiful and truly unique. While the colours and possessions might look relatively similar, every garden is different yet we still want ours to be completely unique. Why is that?


The truth is that everyone is different and we all have our own ideas about what makes something beautiful – especially in the garden – and we also have our own ideas about what we want from our gardens, (if we’re lucky enough to have one!) Some want their gardens to be extravagant with all kinds of luxurious plants while others want to use the space to grow their own fruit and vegetables to either make into juices and spreads or to form part of the family meal – some just want it to be an outdoor space where they can either relax in the sunshine or entertain their family and friends throughout the summer months.


Whatever you want from your garden, you want it to be different to what your neighbour has and what your friends and family might have in their gardens. Sure, you might take a little inspiration from what they have but you don’t want to make an exact copy. There is no harm in taking a few hints from other people, that’s why there are so many gardening shows on the television – helping the public to either get into gardening or to take inspiration and transfer what they see into their own gardens. Just like online fashion retailers do ‘get the look’ sections to help fashion lovers get the same clothes as their idols; companies like Garden Buildings Direct offer customers the chance to put the kind of structures they’ve seen on the television such as bike sheds or log cabins, into their own.


The thing is, structures like bike sheds aren’t exactly ‘unique’. Yes, they might be a bit different with some people keeping their bikes locked in the shed or even kept indoors or in secure areas depending on the property; but they aren’t going to give your garden the ‘wow’ factor.


If you’re looking for inspiration to give your garden a makeover that will have neighbours peering over the fence or friends and family astounded every time they come round, here are five easy steps that will help you to make your garden one of a kind:


Plant at the Best Time

The Spring is the best time to take advantage of the amazing colours on offer thanks to the hundreds – even thousands – of varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees. In the Springtime, start to create the garden you’ve imagined, either by putting in your favourite plants or colours, or by arranging them into a pattern. If you like a certain plant or colour from a friend’s garden, ask them for plant cuttings or seeds so you can recreate them in your own garden.


Different Beds – Different Plants

If you’re able to break your garden down into separate areas, create feature beds around your garden. You could have an area for shrubs, one for trees and then one for furniture so you and your friends can enjoy the sunshine with featured areas to look at. It’s easy to plant everything in one flower bed or area of the garden, but really creative to have feature areas – a bit like the mirrors, wallpaper or paint inside your home.



We’re all well aware of the importance of recycling our household and garden waste, but what about upcycling. This is the process of turning something ‘useless’ into something useful. Many broken plant pots are left to deteriorate before they get thrown out but they can be tidied up, painted and used for other purposes. Another option is to turn old pallets that you had your turf or plants delivered on and then put them behind the shed, into a raised flower bed allowing you to increase the amount of space you have to grow your flowers and bring them up to eye level.


Create Features

A lot of homeowners utilize water features as key areas of the garden that attract the eye, but unless they’re stone carvings they’re not always that unique. By turning a corner or section of your garden into something different, you get that individual feel. For instance, if you have a completely turfed garden, why not remove a section – either in a disused or shaded corner, or even in the one that attracts the most light – and turn it into a graveled or paved area where you can install a fire pit or chiminea to enjoy those summer evenings.


Use Buildings to Entertain

Sheds are very common, most homeowners have them to keep their garden furniture, mowers and tools; but not many use other buildings like log cabins and turn them into guest rooms or areas to sit in the evenings. By opening the doors and using the virander, you can have an outdoor seating area just feet away from an ‘indoor’ area complete with furniture and your home comforts where you can entertain and enjoy the great outdoors with your music on, drink in hand and food on the barbecue. Perfection.


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