How to Make Your Doors Burglar Proof

There has been an alarming increase in the number of burglary incidents in recent years. If your read these cases you will know how crafty and creative the burglars can be. Doors are the stronghold of your house that are supposed to keep it safe however, no door is safe from burglars. In order to decrease the risk of burglary in your house, you need to strengthen the door by utilizing physical security measure. Some methods through which you can make the doors and windows of your house burglar proof are mentioned below.


The Material of the Door

Your doors should be made of solid materials to prevent burglary. Doors are commonly made from wood but if you want burglar proof doors, then steal and fiberglass should be your first choice. Steel and fiberglass are solid materials that offer resistance to brute force attacks. Wood, on the other hand tends to be soft and easily breakable. Exterior doors should also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions as it can weaken the door which makes it vulnerable to break-ins.


Reassess Door Frames

The door is fitted into a door frame which keeps it in place. Door frames are what makes the doors work in the first place. A door functions properly when door jamb, door stop and hinges are combined. The material of the door frame is just as important as the door material. A poorly constructed door frame makes it easier for the burglar to kick his way in. It won’t be able to withstand brute force attacks.


Secure the Door Hinges

Similarly, door hinges need proper consideration as well. The doors of commercial property and housing apartments open inwards which leaves the door hinges exposed to attacks. Secure the hinges with an additional screw that penetrates the door jamb and into the wood stud. This will make it more difficult for the door to be kicked-in by the burglar.


Install the Right Door Locks

Door locks will provide the most security to your home. That’s why it is important to install the right locks to ensure maximum safety. Advanced Lock and Key Perth is a locksmith company based in Australia that provides the best lock service. Your house locks should contain a deadbolt to prevent burglary as deadbolts can withstand a great deal of force. They are effective in case of brute force attack. On the other hand, conventional key locks can be easily picked by burglars that’s why it is recommended that you install smart locks in your house. Smart locks require a password to open and does not have manual settings which makes them very effective against burglary.


Additional Security Measures

Take additional security measures like surveillance camera and motion sensor alarms. Place the cameras at a place where they cover all the nooks and corners to discourage any attempt at burglary. Motion sensor alarms will go off whenever someone tries to enter your house without your permission by using underhanded methods.


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