How to Keep Your Landscaping Crew Safe

As the weather continues to warm up, an increasing number of people will be contacting their local landscaping company to come fix up their backyard or start a project that has been on their outdoors to do list for years. More customers means more time put in by landscaping crews around the country. Unfortunately, like many outdoor jobs, being a landscaper comes with a variety of health and safety risks. To ensure that you complete a project successfully 25your crews and the hazards they may be putting themselves into.

Dealing With the Heat

Unfortunately, the busiest time of the year for landscaping crews is also the hottest time of the year. Landscapers often avoid putting on sunscreen, thinking they will be ok due to their already tan skin tone. Just because your skin is tan, however, does not mean that you aren’t susceptible to skin cancer. Make sure your crew members are wearing sunscreens that block both UVA and UVB rays and are waterproof, so that they will keep on protecting through the sweat.

You will also want to provide some type of area out of the sun for your crew to rest. This can either be a group of trees or other shade nearby, or you can erect your own shade by using a tent or something of that nature. Your crews will need a little break from the heat every once in a while and you should give it to them.

Bring In Someone From the Outside

Many companies avoid bringing in people to analyze their work, but it could save you time, money, and injuries if you choose wisely. Hiring an outside safety consultant will give you an outside perspective on what you are doing wrong , what you could do better, and what is going just fine. There may be some safety issues happening right under your nose without you even noticing. Someone on the outside will give it to you straight and help make your crew get back into a safe but productive groove.

Send Them to Training

Although it make a day out of your working schedule, training classes can be extremely useful for landscape crews. Many of the people on the crews are not extremely experienced with the tools being used or the processes being conducted, and training classes can easily fix that. It is amazing how many less injuries occur in a workplace when everyone knows exactly how to handle anything that may come up. Your crew may not think so, but these trainings are very important.

Identify and Notify of Potential Hazards

Depending on what type of work your crews will be conducting, there are a variety of different potential hazards that could come their way. If a lot of ladder use will take place, there are multiple precautions crew members should take before climbing up a ladder. If mowing frequently occurs, crew members should be familiar with any trouble shooting protocols or anything else they may come across when using mowers. Research the various pieces of equipment that your crew frequently uses and talk to them about proper safety measures. Although some suggestions may be common sense, you may be surprised at how often they are overlooked.

Keeping your landscaping crew safe is important not only because it keeps people safe, but it also saves you from potentially costly problems due to injuries. By taking precautionary measures and making sure your crew knows all the safety protocols necessary, you will limit worker injuries. A happy, healthy crew means more landscaping done faster!

Written by Mike West, owner of WestCo Grounds Maintenance. WestCo provides the best solutions to landscaping Jefferson City MO has to offer. They also specialize in irrigation and lawn sprinkler service.


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