How to Get Started With Off-Grid Living

Have you had enough of your daily life where it is becoming old and repetitive? You have your routine where you work five or six days a week and that money you make goes to pay your mortgage, utilities, and your other bills and when you happen to save a bit of money, it never seems to last. This is how most of the country lives on a week-to-week basis.

Have you ever thought about buying a piece of property where you could build your own home and live off the grid while spending very little money to support this type of lifestyle. You may think that this is a bit too difficult, but there are plenty of people doing this right now.

Today, we will go into the benefits of living off-grid and how you too can start the journey.

Motivation for Off-Grid Living

According to the Motley Fool, the average American household has $90,336 in debt. Living an off-grid lifestyle would mean your debt would be slashed drastically if not eliminated, and who can say they wouldn’t like to be debt-free?

When you live on a property that is off-grid your expenses are far less, and it’s up to you if you want to retain your job you have or do something else with your life as this would give you that option.

Other incentives to living off-grid would include:

  • Having your property tax be the only real bill you would have to pay.

  • Have most of your utilities to be virtually free.

  • Ability to travel or go on vacation when you want to.

Finding Land Isn’t Difficult

When people think of living off-grid they get the concept of living in a tiny remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. Now that might be some people’s dreams, but others may want something a bit more realistic and this can easily be done with prefabricated products from

You have to think of where you want to live? You need to start searching for property that is zoned where it doesn’t have restrictions. The best place to look for these properties is on, which is like the Amazon of real estate.

When you find property, contact the seller and ask these questions about zoning along with any other concerns you might have such as water sources, road access, property taxes, ect. It’s also important if you can go and physically look at the property so you know what you’re getting into.

Housing and Utilities


There are a variety of homes you can construct on your property. Some of the easiest shelters to construct that don’t take a lot of skill are prefabricated. There are also eco-friendly building projects like earth houses and easy to build cabins.

Of course the sky’s the limit on what you build on your land, but you might want to invest in an easy solution, like a custom built garage to protect your vehicle and tools from the elements and wildlife.

Utilities are fairly simple to set up, even if you are inexperienced there are plenty of guides on the internet and videos on YouTube about using solar, wind power, and hydropower to have enough electricity for your needs.

Pre Plan Now

You might have a dream that goes along with off-grid living, but it may just not fit into your budget right now. If you pre-plan your journey to live off the grid, just start off by buying the property and making baby steps until you are ready to go take the plunge to live this lifestyle and live in financial freedom.

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