How Home Automation Can Change And Improve Your Lifestyle

If you’ve been considering turning your home into a smart home that can actually help you with day-to-day activities, now is the perfect time. There are brand new home automation systems and cutting-edge innovative products being added to the market daily. But what’s really the difference between switching electronics off yourself or having a device take care of all the work? Home automation goes beyond simple convenience and allows you to program your living space to make things easier and more cost effective. Here are just a few ways it can change your entire lifestyle.


Saving Money

One of the biggest benefits of home automation or having a smart home is that it can really cut costs on utility bills and help curb overuse of electronic devices. Installing a home automation system starts with placing a smart home hub in a central location in your house. From there, you can add features, including outlets that will tie into the main hub. You can preset and adjust settings on all of your appliances and electronics so they are not being overused or pulling electricity when not in use. This can help:

  • *Reduce water usage and consumption
  • *Target your HVAC system to control temps when you’re not at home
  • *Turn lights on and off remotely
  • *Easily switch to solar power from electric throughout the day

Simple changes that can easily be programmed to run to your specifications can help slash energy bills in half. To get maximum cost effectiveness, choose ADT based security products for the latest in security and technology items.

Notifications Sent to Your Smartphone or Electronic Device

While you can set up your smart phone and security system to sync with one another, a smart hub that is equipped with the right programming can help detect other serious issues going on in and around in your home such as:

  • *Flooding
  • *Temperature fluctuations
  • *Carbon monoxide levels
  • *Motion detectors
  • *Pests

Even if your home hasn’t completely flooded, a smart hub detector can indicated if an appliance is overflowing before it gets to a flood stage. Some new appliances can sync up to the hub to alert the homeowner in these changes immediately. Some smart home devices can also detect an invasion of pets, such as ants, bed bugs and other crawling or flying insects. This allows you to eradicate the problem before it gets out of control. Smart hubs may also have an additional detector for carbon monoxide or fire in addition to the devices you already have in place—this offers an added layer of security and peace of mind. You can also set up how you wish to be notified when an issue arises.

Taking Home Security to the Next Level

Not only does a good home automation system track and notify you of changes within the perimeter of your living space, it brings your home security system into the mix. A smart home can help you keep your premises secure and generate alerts such as turning on specific lights or setting off alarms through the hub system. Some automated systems offer extensive security features that go beyond just the typical alarm system, they can allow you to track statistics about your system that include:

  • *How many times gates, doors, and windows have been opened
  • *Recognizing the time frames that doors are accessed
  • *Tying into to doorbell cameras to see who arrives on your doorstep

Utilizing several methods for tracking security and tying it into a general summary report allows you to easily track the history of alarm events and when a home security breech has occurred.

Ease of Use for the Entire Family

When home automation first came out, it seemed overwhelming and complicated to some homeowners. It was also expensive and changing to find a good installer and company to support basic systems. Now home automation is being installed by many security dealers and there are also kits available in which you can do it yourself. Some systems are easy to use and allow children and teens to access the hub. You can also have everything coded and password protected if desired. Sit down and talk with your home security or home automation dealer about getting a system that will benefit you and what your overall needs are.

Home automation can greatly improve and simplify your life. If you’re thinking of taking home security to the next level and creating a smart home, don’t hesitate to jump on the technology bandwagon.


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