Home Luxuries That May Soon Be Necessities

If you’ve ever been to a living history museum or historical home it’s easy to see how much our living arrangements have evolved over the years. Electricity is a perfect example. When it was first made available for residences in the early 1900s it was seen as a luxury for the wealthy. Today, we consider electrical service to be a basic necessity in every home.

Below are a few more home features that most people consider a luxury but soon could be considered a necessity.


Smart Home Security System

Not that ago the idea of Wi-Fi connected home security equipment was novel. These “smart” products give homeowners the ability to expand security, connect devices, remotely control equipment and monitor everything from an Internet-connected mobile device or computer.

Overtime smart home security systems have become more affordable and are now used in thousands of homes across the U.S. They’re quickly becoming the gold standard in personal protection because they offer superior functionality and added convenience. You can visit this site for more information on smart home security products and how to create a comprehensive system.

Water Filters and Filtration Systems

Drinking water is a very healthy lifestyle choice, but only if the water is clean. In recent years, places like Flint, MI highlight that our public water systems don’t always provide clean drinking water. What’s worse is that many people are unaware when water is contaminated. Even water that isn’t contaminated may not taste as good because it’s been treated with chlorine and chemicals.

To circumvent these potential problems, some people are installing water filter or complete water filtration systems. It’s very important to have a ready supply of filtered water for children. Kids are among those most susceptible to toxins and chemicals in unfiltered water. To young families clean water is far from a luxury. In the future water filtration at home could become a necessity for everyone if concerns over contamination continue.

High-End Mattresses

Our mattresses have evolved to continually become more high-end. People went from sleeping on piles of palm bows and straw to plush mattresses that have cooling technology and can adjust with the push of a button.

Poor sleep quality is one of the top reasons why people are investing more in their mattress. If you don’t get adequate sleep it can adversely affect your health in a number of ways, including heart disease and diabetes. History tells us that today’s luxury mattresses will likely be the norm in coming years.

Mobile Device Charging Stations

In December 2006, Pew Research Center released a report that highlighted what Americans felt like they couldn’t live without. The answers were compared to a similar survey from 1996. Cell phones were way down on the list with just 49% of respondents saying they are a necessity. Of course, in 1996 cell phones weren’t even on the list.

Since the iPhone’s release in 2007 cell phone use has exploded. A 2015 Pew Research study on smartphone use found that half of Americans not only think smartphones are a necessity, they say they can’t live without one. About 19% of people are now considered smartphone-dependent because it’s the only way they access the Internet.

The rise in mobile devices has coincided with issues of how to keep them charged. Most people use the charging cord that comes with their mobile device, but that isn’t the only option. Some households are using a charging station in order to power up multiple devices at once. In households with many family members, charging stations are seen as a much more efficient way to power up devices and circumvent disputes. Like smartphones, charging stations are increasingly being seen as a necessity.


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