Four Tips To Improve the Look of Your Paver Patio

Mildew, moss, and generalized dirt can make a gorgeous paver patio look worn out and grubby. Don’t despair, this doesn’t mean you need to install a new patio. A little bit of a deep clean can make the paving bricks look like new again. The following tips should help you maintain your paver hardscaping.

Tip #1: Seal your joints

Most paver patios have sand joints. If left unsealed, the sand will wash out of the joints over time. If your patio has met this fate, then it’s time to replace the sand. Opt for a polymeric paver sand, which settles in a manner that is nearly solid. Then, apply a sand joint sealer over the top of the sand once it settles into place. This combination creates joints that slow to wash out. They are also less prone to weed infiltration.

Tip #2: Skip the high pressure

Pressure washing is a DIY catch-all for cleaning multiple surfaces, but this can be very detrimental to paver hardscaping. Too much pressure can etch the pavers or cause them to crumble. It can also force the sand out of the joints, even if you have them sealed. Repeated washings in this manner will slowly wear down the paver brick surface even if there is no immediate damage that you can see. Eventually, this will weaken the structure of the pavers.

Tip #3: Opt for gentle cleaning

A gentle cleaning method that depends on quality cleaning solutions is a safer option for the pavers. The general method is simple:
First, a specially formulated cleaner is applied to the pavers. If you have moss or mildew issues, this cleaner will contain elements to kill the growth and remove the stains.
After setting and loosening the dirt, the cleaner is then rinsed off with a low-pressure stream of water. This pressure is enough to remove the cleaner and dirt, but not high enough to cause any damage.

Tip #4: Add a final seal

The sand joints aren’t the only part of your patio that should be sealed. Applying a masonry sealer over the paver bricks will help them resist future stains – even those caused by mildew and moss. This means you can then maintain the clean surface with a quick hose down or a gentle scrubbing with a deck brush. When looking for someone to deep clean your pavers, opt for a concrete cleaning and sealing contractor to ensure this final step is implemented.

With a little investment of time and maintenance, your paver patio can remain a beautiful addition to your landscaping. Begin implementing these tips today so your patio looks its best for as long as possible.

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