Five ways to freshen up your interior for spring

Spring – the season that brings out all our senses. A slight glimpse at cherry blossoms opening up, the chirping of birds and that scent of flowers in the air; mother nature is sending us a message. It’s time to refresh and re-energize, and what better way to do so than by freshening up your interior? You’d be surprised at what little effort it took to bring the spring season inside.


Tick off these five ways to freshen up your interior for spring and leave your home feeling prepared for those warmer months ahead of us.

Clean house

Cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite job, but you will enjoy your home a whole lot more once you have dusted away that winter grime. Make yourself a spring-cleaning checklist so you can tick off tasks such as hoovering, getting windows cleaned inside and out, skirting boards wiped and dusted, and so on. This will instantly leave your home feeling refreshed and ready for spring.


This can be done in conjunction with cleaning. You will not be able to achieve a clean springtime slate without decluttering. You need to give any areas that need attention a quick assessment and either sell, give away or throw out what you are no longer using.


If there are items lying around the house that you don’t want to get rid of, then put them in cupboards, store them in the loft or under the bed – anywhere that is out of sight. If you don’t have much space to hide things have you considered Divan Beds Centre – Zip Link Beds? They have a range of different styles to choose from with under bed storage drawers providing a really useful solution for tidying away bits and bobs.

Bring in some flowers

Get yourself a bunch of bright and cheerful daffodils, magnolias or forsythia branches in a vase to bring spring instantly inside. Ideally, you should put flowers in a fairly large room as in smaller rooms it can make the fragrance quite overpowering. This will instantly uplift the feel to your interior as it’s a vibrant way to add colour.

Grab a paint brush for touch-ups

Paint! Now is the perfect time for some little touch up tasks around the house. Painting can seem a daunting and time-consuming task but it can be effective and enjoyable. A simple whip round with a paint brush can make your home feel refined and new. Having your skirting boards and door frames painted in a crisp white will really make it stand out and feel fresh.

Rustic touches

Since spring fills us with thoughts of flowers and plants coming back to life after a long winter it usually makes us associate this with gardening and being outdoors this season. Therefore, a few rustic touches around the house like wood and twine are a fabulous way to being in texture with a spring flair.


Making your home stand out from the crowd can be a exciting process. Enjoy it and let your unique tastes flow in your home.

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