Environmental Activism is Now Critical

The Obama Administration created many impressive environmental initiatives, including climate change regulations, expanded the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, rejected the construction of the Keystone pipeline, increased fuel-efficiency standards, invested in green energy, and supported a plan to save pollinators. Unfortunately, the Trump administration seems poised to undo much of the progress created over the past eight years. With this in mind, it is more critical than ever to become an environmental activist.


Climate Change

Shortly after being sworn in as America’s 45th president, the Trump administration had relegated the climate change portion of the White House’s website to an archive. This was a foreshadowing of things to come. The website now makes mention of eliminating the Climate Action Plan which had been an attempt by the Obama administration to cut carbon emissions.

The EPA spent several frantic weeks downloading all climate change data into the servers of academic allies, foreign governments, and even private international citizens who have been facing a growing concern that the data would be rendered unavailable in the future.

Individuals who are concerned about climate change and want to increase their personal efforts to reduce their negative impact have many options. One of the most important things people can do is to contact their local, state, and national representatives and let them know you support scientific initiatives, legislation, and actions that combat climate change.

Alternative Energy

Many people are concerned about the Trump administration’s plans to deregulate the EPA beyond what they have done in support in the scientific understanding of climate change. With a few strokes of his pen, it would be possible for President Trump to undo years of work. Soon after beginning his tenure he signed an executive order that revived the construction of the Keystone pipeline. He also signed actions that would make the process of environmental reviews proceed more quickly by deeming the project a high priority for the creation of infrastructure.

One way individuals can take an active stance in supporting alternative energy sources is in who they choose as their local electricity providers. Many people are aware that they have the power to choose where their electricity originates but have previously only used this to save money. It is also possible to look at the source of the energy and to make choices based on which companies are doing the most for the environment.

Wildlife Support

The Endangered Species Act is nearly 50 years old. It has demonstrably made an impact and revitalized numerous species that were once close to extinction. The spotted owl, grey wolf, sage grouse, and desert tortoise have all been rescued by this single piece of legislation. Yet under the watchful gaze of the new presidential administration, Congress has been considering modernizing the Act to make it more difficult for new species to be added and easier for those already on the list to be taken off.

Animal lovers around the world have been outraged. It is more important than ever for individuals to contact their representatives and to reach out to the nonprofit organizations and academic programs that advocate for these animals and offer them our support.

Environmental activism is becoming more prominent throughout the country. Native Americans and their supporters have been actively protesting the continuation of the Keystone pipeline, a March for Science is being organized to support the scientific community as a whole and science in general, and the California legislature is working overtime to thwart Trump policies that could harm endangered species.


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