Elements of the Perfect Family Room

The family room should be a place for your family to relax and spend time together every day. Many times, this room is neglected when you are thinking about the design scheme and overall functionality of your home décor.

Your family room should be a pure expression of your family’s personalities, inspirations and values. Make your family room the perfect space for everything that your family loves and aspires to be. Here are the basic elements for the perfect family room, and a few ways to make this room ideal for your family.

A great entertainment system

Most of us use the family room for TV viewing purposes. That can mean a series of things for each family and each family member. This could include movie nights with your children’s friends, video game time tournaments, or a series of your favorite TV shows each night.

Make this experience the best it can be for your family. An appropriately-sized TV is essential, usually somewhere between 42 and 60 inches, depending on the size of your room. Adding great gaming consoles and media players is just the start. Investing in a good surround sound system will take your TV viewing experience to new levels. Visit sites like SaveOnTvDirect.com to get the channels that will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Use your entertainment center as an opportunity to incorporate style and storage as well as function. Store DVDs and games inside and paint it a bright color for a pop of vibrant color in your room.

Ultra-comfortable seating

This is the best way to ensure that anyone who uses your family room will be able to relax and enjoy their time. Think about what your family usually does in that room. If you spend a lot of time in engaging conversation, individual upright chairs will be more conducive and will create a sleek and sophisticated look for your room. If you spend more time curled up with a good book, then a reading nook may be the perfect addition.

A personal touch

Display anything and everything that your family has done and is passionate about. Make a wall collage of your favorite family trip. Hang your children’s paintings. Put your husband’s bowling trophies in a display case.

No achievement or personal item is out of this realm. Center the theme of the room around activities that your family enjoys doing together, like sailing or mountain biking.

Make room for other activities

Maybe your family is not a family who likes to sit and watch TV all evening or every weekend. Open the space up for other kinds of activates by arranging furniture against the wall and using space-saving storage items. Put down a plush rug for your baby to play on. Find a small, portable table you can move in and out of the room as needed.

As mentioned before, think about the things your family likes to do and tailor your room to meet those needs. If your family is all about soccer, make a “soccer field” in your family room using small nets and a soft ball to avoid damaging accidents. This makes the room more fun for everyone.

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