Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

Many people aspire to living a minimalist existence. We crave space, but the reality is that our homes have a tendency to become the last resting place for an unbelievable amount of junk. There is nothing wrong with holding on to treasured possessions and useful items, but most of us are guilty of keeping an awful lot of things we don’t actually need. Decluttering a home is liberating. All it takes is some time and a bit of willpower. To help you get started, here are some useful tips.


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Garden Storage

When your house is overrun with toys and miscellaneous items, the most obvious place to deposit at least some of it is the garden. The trouble is, your garden won’t be very attractive if it ends up full of toys, bikes and fitness equipment. The answer is to look on https://www.greenhousestores.co.uk/ for a suitable log cabin or kid’s playhouse. Once you have thrown out any old or broken toys and equipment, the rest can be placed in garden storage, out of site.

The Five-Minute Rule

If your home is piled high with junk, it can feel like an overwhelming task when you finally decide to declutter it. The solution is not to try to do everything at once. Instead, set aside five or ten minutes a day and tackle one area at a time. It will take five minutes to go through one drawer. You only need to do one drawer or small area a day and in no time at all, you will have a tidy, minimalist home.

Be Charitable

Do not throw away items that are still useful. Landfill sites are full of unwanted toys, furniture and miscellaneous items. Just because you can’t find a use for it anymore, it doesn’t mean someone else will agree. Instead, take anything useful to the charity shop. Consider it your good deed for the day.

Sell Online

Some items you no longer need will have a residual value. Sort these out and sell them online via eBay or Gumtree. You probably won’t make a fortune, but you could make enough to help pay for that log cabin or playhouse you just ordered.

Have a Garage Sale

If you can’t be bothered to spend time and effort creating online listings for unwanted toys and household goods, have a garage sale instead. This is an excellent way of getting rid of all kinds of junk you don’t need. Sort the items into piles and display them on tables or the lawn. Stick price labels on anything of value or throw smaller items in a box and offer them for a token amount. Place signs around your local area to let your neighbours know you are having a garage sale. As long as you pick the right day, you should get rid of most of your stuff.

Learn to Live with Less

We don’t need most of what we acquire. Check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and you will soon see that as long as you are safe and have food, shelter and love, you will be just fine.

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