Could Bunded Fuel Tanks Have A Place In Your Home or Business?

Despite the move towards more eco-friendly options, fuel is something that we still depend on for many different things. In fact, in some areas fuel consumption has increased.



Australian newspapers released details that some of the top selling cars in the country use 59% more fuel than is claimed on their  sales ratings.

Businesses and domestic properties may need to store fuel for their vehicles in the garage, or somewhere on their property. Below-par options for fuel storage may result in fuel being stolen, fuel leaking, or causing a safety issue because of leakage. There is a better option out there for you: bunded fuel tanks.

Bunded fuel tanks are an excellent option to consider for the storage of your fuel. They are safe, secure and reliable and in some countries you actually require them by law under certain circumstances.

These strong and durable devices are useful in a wide range of industries and sectors. If you think that a bunded fuel tank could be useful in your home or business, keep reading on for more useful information about these handy devices:

So, What Is A Bunded Fuel Tank?

A bunded fuel tank is a device known to be one of the most secure ways to store fuel. At its most basic, it is a tank that sits within another tank. The outer layer is the part that is ‘bunded’ and provides the extra protection to the inner tank which holds the fuel. The outer tank is designed to hold the entire contents of the inner tank in the case of the inner tank failing.

Different Types of Bunded Fuel Tanks

Some people get single skin tanks and bunded tanks mixed up, but the two are different. Single skin tanks are much lighter and cheaper and serve as an adequate short-term fuel storage solution, for smaller amounts of fuel. Bunded tanks however, have the complete secondary container which is the part that adds the most protection and security.

Why Do I Need A Bunded Fuel Tank?

Certain regulations in the UK require the use of a bunded fuel tank in some situations. In Australia fuel storage regulations differ by state, and American legislation regarding fuel tank storage is also specific to different areas and also to different industries.

Perhaps you need to store a high amount of fuel either at home or at your business premises (usually over 2500), or it may be that there are safety restrictions that cause you to need additional protection in terms of your fuel storage. Certain building regulations also call for bunded fuel tanks to replace old tanks. For example: if you hold over 2500 litres of fuel and you are within close proximity to an open drain you need a bunded tank.

If you don’t require a bunded fuel tank by law, then it really is just a case of whether or not you want that extra security and safety a bunded fuel tank provides.

Bunded Fuel Tanks And Buildings

All countries have differing legislation on fuel tank storage and it is so important to pay attention to those regulations so that you aren’t breaking any laws. The laws are made to protect your safety and the safety of those working or living near the fuel storage tanks.

Do I Need A Special Engineer To Install The Fuel Tank?

Every country is different in terms of who needs to install the tank. In the UK the tank has to be installed by an OFTEC registered engineer. Check the certifications and qualifications of the company installing your bunded fuel tank so that you know it meets regulations and laws in your country.

What Happens To The Old Tank?

A lot of companies will polish the fuel remaining in your old tank and transfer it into a new bunded tank. They will also dispose of the tank safely for you so you don’t have to worry about what to do with it.

Bunded Fuel Tanks In Different Industries

As well as domestic uses, bunded fuel tanks are used across many different industries. Within haulage they are invaluable and prove to be an effective, cost effective way to keep valuable fuel safely stored. Some tanks used in haulage are big enough to hold 200,000 litres.

Agriculture is another industry that has fantastic use for bunded fuel tanks, storing fuel safely to keep farm machinery and vehicles running day to day. Rural farms in isolated locations in particular need bunded fuel tanks so that they can purchase fuel in bulk and protect that fuel  effectively between refills.

Aviation, ship building and construction are other industries that also benefit from bunded fuel tanks.

Is A Bunded Fuel Tank Right For Your Needs?

Whether you own a business, or have a home that requires fuel storage, it stands true that buying fuel in bulk is an investment which you need to protect. Accidents happen, fuel theft happens and fuel isn’t cheap. Safety is also an important consideration for any business or family home. Bunded fuel tanks can help keep your fuel secure, help to protect your property or business from fuel related incidents, and they help to ensure you are within the law of your country.

If you do need to store large amounts of fuel, look into purchasing bunded fuel tanks for the most effective, safe and secure form of fuel storage, it is an investment your business or home can only benefit from.

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