Clearing the Clutter: Top Tips for Tidying Your Home (and Making Money Too)

Nobody likes having to do the cleaning around the house but sometimes you reach a point where you have no choice. Quite often the dust and dirt has built up so much that you can write your name in it at which point you decide that you’ve put it off for long enough now and it’s time to get the marigolds out, find the duster and polish and plug in the hoover.


Some even take this opportunity to have a good clearout in order to make more space in the home to make the place look even tidier (even if it is only briefly), recycling what they no longer need or giving their old clothes to charity. The problem that many suffer with here is the decision over what they need and what they can live without.


Clearing a house is often a long process, especially when it comes to giving things away or throwing them out. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you adopt a cut-throat attitude and decide that you haven’t worn or used something in more than a year, therefore you don’t need it, but it’s difficult to keep that going sometimes. To help out, here are some top tips to clear out the clutter and make some money along the way so that you have tidy home and bank balance to boot:


Wardrobes and drawers are often filled with clothes that they “might wear again one day” knowing full well that they probably won’t but they just can’t make the decision to put it in the bag. Homes in general are full of items like this and people are often sitting on goldmines in a sense because companies like will pay for the items you send them and take care of the recycling for you meaning you get a nice tidy home, and a nice cheque to put in the bank too. Sites like this will accept items including old mobile phones, DVDs, games, music and even clothing meaning you can get just about everything tidied up and sent in one box (depending on how much you have obviously), making it quick and easy.


Another tip is to come up with some kind of system where everyone in the house can get involved – after all, many hands make light work. By deciding on one particular room you can all get together at a set time either that day or on Saturday morning when you’re all at home for example, and while someone empties the cupboards and drawers another can be wiping down the sides, another hoovering and someone else waiting to put what is no longer needed into the appropriate bags or bins. Before you know it you’ll have that room done and you’re ready for a cuppa before moving to another part of the home.


Cleaning the bathroom is possibly the worst job there is in terms of cleaning up, so an option might be to do this first and foremost so you get it out of the way. With someone spraying the surfaces and then wiping them down, somebody else can be going along cleaning the mirrors and windows while one has the unfortunate task of cleaning the toilet and plugholes and then finally someone can either mop or hoover the floor leaving you with a sparkling bathroom.


A final suggestion is to reorganise the furniture in the room after you’ve done your cleaning so that you can evaluate where you could have more space to make the room look less cramped and less cluttered next time. Space is a real issue in many homes, especially with growing children, so if a simple repositioning of the furniture is the answer then you’ll be able to spend much more of your time relaxing than stressing about the mounting dust and mess.

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