Basic Things You Ought to Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Climate change due to global warming has already had, and continue to have visible effects such as shrinking glaciers and shorter and warmer winters. Shorter winters, in turn, lead to longer and hotter summers, which then leads to the need to use artificial cooling to survive the long, hot, sticky summers.

Therefore, should you find yourself in the situation where you need to purchase an air conditioning unit, here is a list of some of the more pertinent factors that you need to know before making your purchase:


There are three basic types of air conditioning units available at air conditioning Perth.

  • Split systems

Essentially a split air conditioning system consists of two parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the tubing that connects both parts together, the condenser coil, and the compressor. While the indoor unit contains the air filter, cooling coil, and the long blower.

  • Refrigerated units

Refrigeration units are used to cool larger spaces from a single room to larger areas such as houses, offices, and warehouses. Modern refrigerated air conditioning can be installed as a split level unit similar to a fully ducted system, or it can be installed as part of a building like giant cooling fridges and refrigeration rooms.

  • Evaporative units

An evaporative air conditioning unit is different from split system and refrigerated units in that it uses water evaporation to cool the air. The other systems typically use vapor-compression mechanisms.

You also need to know how to measure BTU or British thermal unit. This is the unit of measurement used for air conditioners to determine the amount of heat that can be removed. The more powerful the air conditioner is, the higher is its BTU.


All air conditioning units need to be installed by an Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) expert. The split system can be installed in one day. However, refrigerated and evaporative units can take longer because they are more complex installations and require extra work.

  • Cost

Most air conditioners are pricey and should be considered an investment that can last for years. Modern air conditioning units are more energy-efficient than the older units. However, you still need to take into account that your electricity bill will increase if you use an air conditioner daily. Therefore, purchasing an energy-saving air conditioner is a good option. You will pay more at the outset, but you can save on your electric bills later on.

  • Defining Features

Different brands and models have different styles and features. Therefore, it is vital to research which model suits your unique requirements. Check out the positive and negative reviews so that you can easily determine if it is the perfect air conditioner for you.

Finally, it is a good idea to choose the one with advanced features such as with vents that oscillate, a remote control for temperature, and special settings for sleeping.

  • Maintenance

Like any equipment, an air conditioner needs to be maintained in order for it to perform effectively. Here are some maintenance tips you can do for your air conditioner to last for a long time.

  • Filters

Filthy filters can greatly decrease your air conditioner’s efficiency. Therefore, you have to change or clean (for washable type) them each month in cooling season for window units and central cooling system. Check out the MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value. Its range is from 1 to 12. If the number is higher, it means it filtrates better.

  • Ducts

Air conditioners have a tendency to leak. The ducts can squander 30% of airflow due to leaking. Window air conditioners have ducts that are difficult to seal. You can assess if there are leaks with this trick. For window type, you can use an incense stick and light it to the area where your air conditioner and the frame of the window meet. For central type, place the incense around the connections of the duct. If there is smoke around, your air conditioner has a leak.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an air conditioner can possibly be one of your greatest decisions if you follow the guidelines given. It can work wonders for your home when you have enough knowledge of what kind of air conditioner you are looking for.

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