Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

Marketing is the process through which a business turns some money into more money. There are many different marketing techniques used today since there are a number of ways by which a company can reach out to its potential customer. For instance, estate agents can post online advertisements of rooms for rent in India to reach out to potential customers.

One such marketing method is direct marketing, which seeks to evoke an action (like a request for more information, an order, or a visit to a website or store) from a chosen group of customers in response to a message from the marketer. The message could be in a variety of forms such as postal mail, direct email marketing, POS (Point Of Sale) interactions and telemarketing. The main feature of direct marketing is that customer response is always measurable. For instance, if a marketer offered a discount to a customer for online shopping, he should be able to determine whether the customer took the offer or not.

Direct marketing has a lot of benefits for marketers. Since direct marketing involves direct business, it is cost-beneficial to customers. Due to the absence of any retailers or wholesalers, there is no price hike and customers get everything at an attractive price. Furthermore, marketers can accurately judge their profit or loss since they can state the exact response consumers had to their products.

However, direct mailing can sometimes offend consumers. In fact, many don’t even endorse it because it inhibits their personal lives. Nevertheless, most marketers support direct marketing since it can be extremely successful if the communication with the consumer is good. You have to build a good relationship with the consumer before you start sending out any offers or products. To reap the full benefits of direct marketing, you have to carefully examine the focus of your marketing strategy and devise your budget accordingly.

An example of direct marketing is television commercials. For instance, OLX’s commercials are designed to encourage people to post their advertisements on the site. These commercials usually contain witty and humorous messages in order to attract people to its platform. You can watch more videos of OLX’s TV ad campaign on YouTube.

Watch OLX Latest Neighbour’s Envy TVC:

Watch Old Promise TVC. These commercials not only call people to post advertisements, but also to buy products or services from its platform at reasonable rates. The commercials show how easy it is to do so and as a result, have attracted lots and lots of people.

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