A Closer Look at Circuit Breakers and Their Importance

Circuit breakers are important in stopping the flow of electrical current in a circuit, especially in the event of high voltage. They help protect property against electrical fires. The good thing about circuit breakers is that they can be easily reset. When it is tripped during a high voltage situation, circuit breakers can be just reset as if nothing had happened.


Every appliance at home receives electrical current regulated by circuit breakers. The main circuit breaker is the one that controls the flow of electricity in the entire house. Individual circuit breakers on the other hand are used in individual appliances.

Circuit breakers might just be small, but they are probably the most important safety feature found in a building. The amount of heat produced by a current or a magnetic field is first measured by the circuit breaker. As the current becomes really high, the breaker will cut the circuit off in order to stop the flow. A fuse also has the same function, but it can only be used once, unlike circuit breakers.

Shutting power down

There are also instances when you have to shut the entire power system off. When you are leaving the property for a long time and you just want to be safe, you can switch everything off. You can also do so for electrical maintenance purposes. By shutting the main circuit breaker, everything remains safe. There are also instances when several circuit breakers are used at home. You should label them so that you know which one to shut down, and which one to shut down first.

Replacing circuit breakers

There are instances when you might have to replace a broken circuit breaker, especially one that has already been used for a long time. Replacement might seem easy at first, but it can be challenging. The first step is to buy a new circuit breaker from a hardware store or online. You should shut off the electricity, so there is no current flowing throughout the entire house. This way you remain safe while replacing the circuit breaker.

Before you change the circuit breaker, make sure that the replacement breaker is correctly rated for the circuit it will be protecting. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician for advice. An incorrectly rated circuit breaker will trip continually, so ensure that the replacement has the correct specifications. You can check this by inspecting the circuit breakers in the fuse box, or panel, prior to purchasing a replacement breaker.

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When dealing with electricity, safety procedures should be followed at all times, and it’s always best to double check everything before switching on the electricity again.


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