6 Surprising Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Turning a house or apartment into a home involves more than just furniture. Fresh air, pretty pictures, and soft lighting help create a relaxing retreat away from the stresses of the day. 

Fresh Air, Fresh Home

Keep the air you breathe inside fresh year-round. The weather outside does not always allow you to open windows and let the breeze in. You need proper ventilation for fresh-feeling air. A well-running HVAC system keeps the air circulating and removes excess humidity, a frequent cause of mold and mildew. Also, a well-maintained HVAC unit filters out irritants that might settle in your furniture and carpeting. Help everyone relax with fresher-feeling air. 

Mood Lighting

Using multiple light sources in each room helps you create the proper setting for concentration or relaxation. Use bright lights for reading and studying. Adding a dimmer switch to overhead lights or table lamps is a simple DIY task. For bedrooms, put up string lights around the room to create a beautiful backdrop. Don’t forget the outdoors. Stringing lights or illuminating walkways not only helps you see but also gives a welcoming impression. 

Add Pillows10008807845_281525e3d9

Image via Flickr by Wicker Paradise

Pillows add color and brighten rooms. Whether in the bedroom or living room, add throw pillows for a cozy look. Place large pillows on the floor for a pleasant look and extra seating. Throw blankets also add a comfy feeling. Imagine snuggling with pillows and blankets on a cold evening in front of the fireplace. 

The Walls

Keep most of your walls a neutral color and put up photos, paintings, or prints. Pictures look great framed individually or in a collage. For large rooms that need a more relaxing feel, add an accent wall in a distinctive color. Red, navy, or black work well and help big rooms feel cozier. Or create a nook area in your living or family room. A small table and a couple of chairs create a comfortable space for reading or conversation. 

Eliminate Clutter

Notice when your house is clean and orderly you feel more relaxed. Clutter causes stress. Go through your house and get rid of the disorder. Put away papers, organize your mail, and remove objects that don’t fit your decor. Donate unwanted things to a friend or a thrift store. You want a happy feeling, not chaos and confusion. Once you clean the clutter, add a vase of fresh flowers using fun containers like mason jars. Flowers give a room a fresh, cozy feel. 

Add a Wreath

Your front door is the first thing most visitors see. Place a welcoming wreath on the front door to set the mood and welcome guests. Personalize the wreath in a way that reflects your personality. Maybe use the colors of the season or the colors of your favorite sports team. Around holidays, add a wreath that fits the occasion. 

Whether you live in a small apartment or a palace, having a cozy and comfortable place to call home helps ease the tension of the day. So, create a home that offers the relaxation you need. 

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