5 Ways to Really Make Your House Sparkle

Your home is a reflection of you and it is natural to want to ensure that the house looks as good as it can when you have guests or visitors come over. Not only that, but you want to enjoy your surroundings and love the place that you spend all your off time.  In order to make sure that your house looks good both for you and for your guests, it is important to keep it clean and to go the extra distance to make sure that your home really has that extra-special sparkle.

Fortunately, there are a number of quick and simple tricks that you can follow to achieve exactly that.

Tips for How to Get Your House to Sparkle 

When you are ready to make sure your home is clean, beautiful and inviting, here are a few tips that you may want to think about following: 

  1. Consider checking your light fixtures to see if they have dust on them.  The Examiner lists this tip as number one on its list of ten places that you will want to check for dirt when you are doing a thorough cleaning job to make the home sparkle.  You may want to climb up on a ladder to dust the top of light fixtures (and definitely ceiling fans) in order to ensure that you have done everything possible to make your home look clean and to get rid of unpleasant dust that you breathe in.
  2. Vacuum the couch. Wisebread includes this on its list of Fall Cleaning 101 tips designed to help you to make sure your house is spic and span and sparkling clean.  To ensure that your couch looks its best, take off the couch cushions and pillows and vacuum up all of the dust, dirt, and gunk that has settled underneath the cushions. You’ll also want to vacuum the tops of the cushions and pillows of course.  If the cushion covers or pillow cases are removable, then you may even want to take them off and throw them in the wash or have them cleaned in order to get the couch looking its best.
  3. Consider having your carpets cleaned. Chem-Dry provides a unique natural process that uses less water so getting your carpets cleaned is easier than ever before. You aren’t going to have to stay out of your room for days while you wait for the carpets to try and the carpets can be cleaned deeply to remove all of the dirt that has settled inside of the carpet fibers that your regular vacuum is not going to be able to get. Your floors will look better than they have in a long time and may even look as good as the day that you had the carpets installed after a thorough professional carpet cleaning job.
  4. Clean and sanitize the kitchen appliances. The dish washer, the microwave, the fridge and the oven can all be cleaned both inside and outside. Most ovens have a self-cleaning cycle although some people prefer to just use oven cleaner and clean the oven themselves. The dishwasher you can run on a sanitizing cycle with no dishes inside (there are special cleaners you can buy or you can make your own).  The microwave is also easy to clean, as is the refrigerator although you’ll need to take all of the items out so you can wipe down the shelves. Be sure to throw away any expired food items (check the dates on condiments) when you do the cleaning of your refrigerator and freezer.
  5. Give your bathroom some love. Clean out the medicine cabinet in your bathroom, and use a hard-bristled scrub brush to remove dirt and soap scum from showers, sinks and tubs in your bathrooms.  Remember to focus on the tub base and on the walls of the shower in order to get all of the grime that collects in these places removed.

These are just a few of the ways you can make sure your house looks and feels its best. Sure, it may seem like hard work, but isn’t all maintenance? Besides, you’ll be surprised how far just a little elbow grease and determination will take you.

Of course, should time be an issue for you (as it is for most of us), you could find someone to come in and clean your house for you. Just make sure you choose someone highly rated through the Better Business Bureau. You don’t want to let just anyone into your home to go through all your things!

Brenda Jackson is a professional home organizer. She knows how to manage a home and get it running efficiently. She also love to write about it and share all her knowledge.

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