5 Easy Upgrades to Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

In today’s world of social media and constant connection, it can be easy to compare your life to those that are portrayed online. You’ll find yourself mid-scroll wondering how that blogger can afford to spend a week doing nothing but yoga on the beach when you still have to work, clean and budget your growing stack of bills. Fret not, though, there’s good news: Getting your life together is as simple as making a few small adjustments to help put yourself first. Once your life is in order, family, friends and work will fall into place. Here’s where to start:


Keep all-natural makeup wipes on your nightstand

In the interest of self-care, this step is simple: Take off your makeup every night — all of it. Makeup can clog your pores, dull your glow and make a mess of your bedding. An easy solution is to keep a pack of gentle cleansing wipes on your nightstand so that even when you’re too exhausted to move, you can reach over, wash your face and dream of nothing but clear skin.


Invest in comfortable and sustainable sheets

On that note, it’s time to treat yourself to a pair of sheets that will make you excited to get into bed every night. Trade out those t-shirt sheets for a silky smooth pair of bamboo sheets that will stay soft and clean longer than any other fabric will. Plus, they’re sustainably made and hypoallergenic. A good night’s sleep never felt so luxurious.


Make taking your vitamins easy and fun

Confidence starts from the inside out — so keep your body happy and healthy with regular vitamins and supplements. Work with your healthcare provider to determine what would work best for you, and then find a subscription plan that delivers the nutrients you need straight to your door. Subscriptions like Care/Of will put all your days’ vitamins in one colorful pouch, complete with an inspirational quote, making it easy to prioritize your health.


Use a closet organizer to plan your outfits ahead of time

One of the quickest, and easiest, ways to look like you have your life together is to literally dress the part. Doing so can be easy with the help of a closet organizer. Find one that compartmentalizes your wardrobe based on clothing items and clearly displays your options. Once it’s all set up, you’ll be able to quickly determine your next outfit without losing any precious sleep or missing out on a morning coffee run.


Get a handle on your expenses — and start saving now

Finally, getting a control of your finances and savings will help you achieve all of the above, as well as your other life goals. Talk to a banker and your HR representative to find out how much you have and how much you should be saving each month to set yourself up for success. Then, create a budget or find a mobile app that will help you set a spending limit that best suits your lifestyle. Your future self will thank you.



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