5 Different Types of Safe to Consider For Your Home

Safes are vitally important in a number of locations and for a number of important reasons. They are essential for anyone, home owner or business owner, who wants to secure their valuables. Safes may have been most common, in the past, in businesses but they are increasingly popular in domestic situations.


It is important to learn about the different types of safe you can choose from, so that you get the best security accessory for your own purposes. Here are five types of home safes that suit different purposes.


  1. Fire Safe

Fire safes are some of the most popular safes for home use. These safes are used for the purpose of protecting whatever is inside from the effects of a fire. Fire safes are manufactured to a high quality so that they can withstand the temperature of a fire, which is naturally very high. Fire safes are often used for documents that would instantly perish in a fire and which need to be protected.


  1. Key Cabinets and Safes

Key safes and key cabinets are used to store the keys for a building or a home. They are useful because they restrict access to the keys and keep them accessible only to people who need to use them. They are used mainly in offices and businesses but they also have a home use, particularly if the home is attached to a business or farm.


  1. Wall Safes

These safes are built into the wall of the home. They are perfect for protecting objects from burglars or petty thieves. Normally these safes are discreet and they may be concealed by shelves, a painting, or a panel. They are not normally meant to be seen, and it is necessary to cut a hole in the wall in order to accommodate this type of safe.  You can also get floor safes which have the same properties but are hidden under a floorboard or under a cement floor in the basement.


  1. Free-Standing Safe

These safes do not need to be fitted into the structure of the house and therefore are more convenient for a lot of home owners. They are cheaper than wall and floor safes, but they are not necessarily as thief-proof as other options. While these safes are very heavy and bulky, they could still possibly be removed from the property.


  1. Gun and Medicine Cabinet Safes

A cabinet safe in the home protects important and potentially dangerous objects, keeping them out of the reach of children or other people. Gun cabinets are needed by law, and medicine or drugs cabinets may be needed depending on your individual situation.


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