4 Home Appliances That Can Waste Energy (And How to Fix the Problem)

The appliances in our home make our lives easier and more comfortable, but in our eco-friendly era, we want to cut the impact of these energy-wasting culprits and make sure they run efficiently. Every-day changes will make an enormous difference in your energy consumption, benefiting both your family and the environment. Don’t leave your appliances to their own devices. These four home appliances that can waste energy; here’s how to fix the problem.

Refrigerators and Freezers14719528150_cf88a2aaa5_b

Image via Flickr by Consumers Energy

Your old fridge is costing you more cash than you think. If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, make the greener choice with every dollar you spend and look for Energy Star appliances. These fridges and freezers work more efficiently, and they last longer too. To ramp up the earth-friendliness even more, see if there’s a program in your area that will pick up and recycle your old refrigerators and freezers. Today’s power-saving refrigerators are a lot easier on your wallet and save the country billions in energy costs each year.

Your Home’s HVAC System

Your heater and air conditioner are the biggest contributors to your monthly utility bills, and unless they are functioning at peak-performance, they are wasting energy. Leaky ductwork and clogged air filters are common energy-hungry problems that are an easy fix if you have kept up on your system’s maintenance. An annual checkup of your HVAC system by a service professional is part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and it’ll improve your system’s efficiency and save energy.

The Oven

It’s not big news that your oven uses a ton of energy, so much so that it could practically heat the entire house just baking a pizza. Consider an energy-efficient counter top toaster oven that uses less power, or a microwave that’s the most power-friendly of all the popular cooking appliances. If you need the oven, cook large batches and freeze those meals for later. Always defrost food to reduce cooking times, or turn off the oven 10-minutes before the timer dings for added savings. Your oven will stay hot long enough to finish cooking over that short amount of time.

Your Clothes Dryer

One home appliance that we can’t live without is our tumble dryer, especially during the winter, and there are some ways to decrease the cost of using our favorite appliance. Run your laundry through a second spin cycle in the washing machine before heading to the dryer, and only dry a full load. Clean the lint filter often, preferably after every load so that the hot air circulates properly through your clothes. Consider hanging heavy items like jeans and towels on a portable indoor drying rack, which will quickly add up to a saved load of energy every week.

We all enjoy saving energy and resources for a greener way of life. By keeping an eye on some of those appliances that have a habit of gulping down the power, you will conserve energy and resources for the next generation.

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