4 DIY Heating Repairs that Anybody Can Handle

Before a furnace, boiler, or other heating system breaks down completely, you will likely notice poor performance. Insufficient heat or even cold air might start blowing out of the vents. The good news is that heating problems usually can be solved with one little fix, like cleaning or replacing a single part. However, the trickiest part is figuring out exactly what is wrong.

Get to know your heating system and how it works, and you will be better prepared to troubleshoot heating problems. Find the owner’s manual, get a flashlight, and start learning. Heating repairs are serious business, however, so be prepared to call an HVAC company if you get in over your head.

DIY Heating Repair Options

A few simple problems can prevent your furnace from turning on or heating properly. Many homeowners are capable of fixing these issues on their own. Before calling for heating repair in Springfield MO, troubleshoot with these DIY heating fixes:
-Check the Pilot Light. Turn on the ignitor or light the pilot. There should be a blue-white flame. Problems to look for include orange flames which are not hot enough to burn gas safely, and dirty valves that cause an inconsistent flame.
-Clean the Filter. Inadequate heating can be caused by poor airflow due to a clogged filter.
-Clogged Air Intake or Air Handler. Check these other places where airflow may be impeded by dirt and dust. Use a duster or vacuum extension to clean out every part that you can reach.
-Thermostat and Electrical Problems. Try replacing the batteries or tightening the wire connections at your thermostat if your furnace simply does not respond when you try to turn it on. Also check for a flipped circuit breaker.

When to Call an HVAC Company for Heating Repair

Never ignore the fact that serious injury or even death can occur from sloppy, amateur home repairs. Heating systems involve electricity, gas, and some powerful machinery. Call a pro as soon as you aren’t sure what the problem is, or anytime you lack utter confidence in your knowledge of what to fix and exactly how to do it.

In other words, homeowners should look over their heating system to find problems like clogged ducts, broken small parts, and flipped breakers. As soon as the solution involves actual repairs to the mechanism or requires advanced troubleshooting, it’s a job for the pros. With high-quality heating repair in Springfield MO available, it’s silly to put your family and property at risk because you’re curious about DIY furnace repairs.

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