4 Budget-Friendly Ways You Can Infuse Your House With A Refreshing New Look

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt immediately at home? The funny thing is that you can’t put your finger on exactly why you feel that way. What makes their house feel so welcoming? Is it because the house is neat and clean? Is it the way the sunlight pours in through the large windows? Or is it their choice of furniture? In fact, when you later try to describe it to someone else, you’re somewhat at a loss for words, and you almost feel like you might as well be trying to describe a mystical experience.  

It’s something that you want, too. But you have no idea how to begin. How do you make your own house feel more like a home? How do you bring out your own sense of taste, design, and personality? How do you create more of a comfy, family atmosphere? Although you might feel overwhelmed by how to tackle such a project, the solution to making a house a home is far simpler than you might think. Here are four simple ideas that can help you achieve this wonderful goal: 

1. Harmonize the furniture. 

If you’re like most homeowners, your living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture grew the way many older towns have through the centuries–that is, growing in an organic way without any city planning. In other words, it’s a random collection of architectural styles and property values.  Similarly, you may have some pieces of excellent furniture, but they clash with other bargain pieces you snapped up at an estate sale, like a leather sofa valued at $700 that you got for $25. And you may have bought some ultramodern furniture from a famous furniture maker, but it’s style clashes with some furniture that you inherited from your Aunt. In other words, you have more than enough good furniture–perhaps, even too much– but the various pieces don’t play well together. If you can start over, boldly selling everything you own, you can start with a clean slate. Begin by deciding the furniture style you instinctively appreciate. Do you like contemporary furniture or do you prefer a transitional style? And what do you think of a traditional look? After you’ve decided on a style you love, then it’s time to go shopping at a store that sells high-end furniture. Century Furniture offers an array of high-quality wood and luxury upholstery furniture in a selection of styles that might work well for your various rooms.  

2. Refine the scents.  

Does your house have a dull scent consisting of the mingled smell of wood, upholstery, linen, brick, and miscellaneous building materials? It may be subtle, but it’s still there. Why not tweak the scents a little with some DIY homemade linen spray that uses the power of Essential Oils to enhance your moods? All you would need is a 4-ounce glass spray bottle or an Essential Oil Diffuser. Some scents that work well in a house, scents that are subtle, not overpowering, and scents that put you in a peaceful, happy mood, include Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oils, and Geranium Essential Oils. 

3. Redo the décor. 

Making small changes to your décor can have a huge impact on the look-and-feel of your rooms. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, elaborate, or highly artistic switch either.  You could, for instance, frame all your favorite photographs, or take refreshingly new ones, like your children and pets playing joyfully in the park at a recent family picnic; add vases with flowers, budding branches, and luxuriant leaves from your garden; and paint focal points in the room, like the doors or the molding, with bold, contrasting colors.   

4. Jazz up the floor and window coverings. 

Although you may have nice hardwood, carpeting, and tile, why not change the color, pattern, or style for some instant gratification? Similarly, you may be a little bored with your blinds, shutters, and shades. Any changes to shapes or colors will make your rooms look remarkably different. Moreover, you can make just a few simple changes that won’t hurt your bank account balance. 

 By harmonizing the furniture, refining the scents, redoing the décor, and jazzing up the floor and window coverings, you can make your house a home. Simply combining a number of new and different elements, you can blend everything together in a subtle way to create an immediate sense of warmth and comfort as soon as you step inside. 


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