3 Different Types of Dining Table You Need to Know About

Arguably the most important feature in the dining room is the dining room table. You cannot really have an effective dining room without a table. It acts as the focal point of the room and is used for everyday dining or special occasions – whatever you prefer. The dining table you choose will help to create the overall mood of the room and it will work effectively to meet your dining needs, as long as you choose the right table. Here are some ideas to consider when you are shopping for a new dining table.


Choose Your Table Materials

Dining room tables are available in a wide range of different materials, from wood to glass, metal to marble. You really have a wide choice when it comes to the materials a table is made from. And once you have chosen a material you also have a lot of choice when it comes to the finish and type. Wood, for example, can be a glossily finished mahogany or a roughly hewn oak.

Choose the Size of your Dining Table

You also need to look at what size of table you can fit into your room. You need to fit the right amount of people and also have enough space in the room to move around. There are different shapes of table that affect how many people you can fit, and how well the table fits into the room. Industrial dining table can be anything from one person to 20, for example.


  1. Oval Dining Tables

An oval dining table is the traditional shape for a table when you are looking for a classic look, and oval tables often come in fine wood like oak, cherry, or mahogany. You can find antique oval tables that enhance an elegant dining room. Of you can now buy more modern styles of oval table that are practical in a kitchen diner or a smaller dining room.

  1. Round Pedestal Tables

These tables are most often found in smaller kitchens and are usually made of wood, although you can get contemporary versions that are made from metal. In general these tables are suited to a casual setting.

  1. Trestle Tables

A trestle table is made up of a table top and also bases that support the top. A trestle table is generally a casual style of table and it fits well in a country kitchen, or in an urban dining room where the look is industrial and modern.


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